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sports injuries

Playing different sports is an integral as well as a vital part of an active, healthy and fit lifestyle for both men and women. Children, adolescents and old, everyone alike benefit from everyday sports activities. Consequently, sports injuries are common too, which impact different parts of the body.

Bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments are the chief areas of concern in sports injuries. Although minor injuries can be treated at home, other serious ones may require thorough medical investigation, appropriate treatment and sometimes surgery.

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In this blog, you will find about the types of sports injuries, the most common sports injuries, prevention tips, treatment options and much more. Read on!

Types of Sports Injuries


As discussed in the last section, minor injuries are inevitable while engaged in sports activities. However, it should not prevent anyone from playing different sports. Instead, you can gain knowledge about possible sports injuries and the best ways to prevent them. So, here are the types of sports injuries:

Sprains – Sprains are regarded as tears or stretches that occur in ligaments, the connective tissues that bind one end of the bone to another. When you fall from a height or receive a blow, and your joint is out of place, you may get sprains of varying degrees from just a stretched ligament to a complete tear.

Strains – Strains are caused when the muscle or tendon connecting to the bone is pulled or twisted. Those athletes who come in physical contact with others often suffer from strains. Strains similar to sprains vary in degree of its impact.

Fractures ­– Fractures are perhaps dangerous sports injuries caused due to contact, collision, fall or impact. Arms, legs and feet are at risk always. It makes mobility difficult and may cause excessive pain. In addition, fractures take time to heal, and recovery may be delayed due to different factors.

Dislocations ­– Dislocation happens when your bone moves out of its place from a joint. Sports injury is very common among athletes and sports persons. The most common type is a shoulder dislocation.

Concussion – Concussion is a sudden impact felt on the brain, damaging the tissues and causing injury. It is very common among football players. You may feel mild symptoms such as dizziness and headache after the blow. But medical attention is required if the condition persists and you continue to feel sleepy and lose consciousness.

What are the most common Sports Injuries?

Some of the most common body parts that suffer injuries are:

  • Head
  • Elbow
  • Shoulder
  • Wrist
  • Finger
  • Hip
  • Spine
  • Ankle
  • Knee

Causes of Common Sports Injuries

A sports injury is caused in two ways. One is the force, pressure or impact, which is greater than the body can handle. Examples of such sports injuries causes are:

(1). Accidents
(2). Collision
(3). Fall
(4). Slip

The other is the repetitive motion of the body parts that lead to injuries when you: 

1. Avoid safe exercise practices
2. Improper use of safety gear
3. Lack of supporting shoes

Symptoms of Sports Injuries

Aches and pain – Aches and pains across the body and the part of the body affected are the primary symptoms of sports injuries. Pain that affects movement needs medical attention.

Swelling – Swelling is a discomfort that is caused when the body’s immune system tries to heal the injury. Swelling generally develops gradually after suffering from any type of sports injury.

Bruises, Cuts, Wounds and Bleeding– Bruises, cuts and wounds are common symptoms of sports injuries which may take some time for healing and recovery. If you are bleeding excessively, take medical help immediately.

Some of the other common symptoms include mobility issues, deformity of the bone, cracking, crackling or grinding noise from the bones, warm skin and dizziness.

Sports Injury Prevention Tips

These are some ways you can prevent major sports injuries.

1- Strictly following proper techniques used in sports or related activities can prevent you from unwanted injuries. For example, there are various body movements required in cricket like bowling, running, and fielding. Correct postures, stances and techniques during training and playing can help.

2- Using protective equipment while playing sports is half the problem solved. Taking the example of cricket, this includes wearing a helmet, pads and gloves.

3- Appropriate stretching and warm-up before engaging in strenuous activities and sports can help prevent injuries.

4- You should try to avoid dangerous sports activities, collisions and tackles if your body isn’t ready or unfit for the sport. Take professional help if needed.

Treatment for Sports Injuries

Treatment for sports injuries depends on various factors like severity of the injury and body parts affected by it. In the case of mild sports injuries, a standard treatment regimen comprising Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation is followed for best results.

However, if the sports injury sustained is severe, you must seek the best treatment for sports injuries in Mumbai from qualified and experienced medical professionals. Physical therapies and medications may be recommended. Sometimes, surgery may be the only solution.

Best Surgeon for Sports Injuries in Thane

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