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Pinnacle Orthocentre is leading one of the Best Spine Surgery Hospital in Thane West. Spine Surgery is an extremely  important sub-specialty of Orthopaedic Surgery which deals exclusively with the surgical as well as non-surgical management of various disorders of the spine.

Back pain and neck pain are common health problems. Majority of the spinal problems get better with non-surgical treatment by medicines and physiotherapy. Pain not subsiding after taking these treatments for few weeks indicates that there is a significant problem in spine, which needs to be further evaluated and investigated.

Patient should consult a spine surgeon in following situations:

  • Pain not responding to medical treatment
  • Pain worsening despite being on treatment
  • Nerve compression symptoms (pain/ tingling/ numbness/ loss of sensation in arms or legs/ weakness in arms or legs/ or loss of control over urination or defecation)
  • Pain associated with fever
  • History of cancer
  • History of injury/ trauma.

Spine surgery is indicated when patient has severe symptoms which are not responding to medical treatment. In certain situations when patient has loss of muscle power or sensations, an emergency spine surgery is recommended. However, for majority of spinal disorders, the decision to undergo surgery is usually left to the patient depending upon the severity of symptoms and severity of daily life getting affected. Spine surgery can be done in a very safe and effective way now with latest technologies.

Minimally invasive spine surgeries (MIS)  give best possible results, ensures quicker recovery with minimal pain in post-operative period, early discharge from hospital, and early return of function and resumption of occupational activities. Patients can stand and walk from the very next day. Patients with minimally invasive spine surgery are discharged in a day or two from hospital.  Patients can resume their work as soon as they get comfortable.

Spinal cord safety  is ensured by use of microscopic/ endoscopic spine surgery wherein surgeon sees  magnified and well illuminated surgery area. Advanced surgical instruments ensures safety around the spinal nerves. Neuro-monitoring technique provides continuous assessment of function of the spinal cord to prevent any  nerve damage. Use of computer navigation and robotic techniques ensure correct placement of the implants in complex spine.

Patients are able to stand and walk from the very next day after the surgery in almost all cases. Patients with minimally invasive surgery are allowed to take discharge from hospital within a day or two. Majority of patients can resume their work as soon as they get comfortable.

With it’s state of the art infrastructure and highly trained and experienced doctors, Pinnacle ortho centre is the best spine surgery hospital in Thane. The spine  surgery division is headed by Dr. Amit Sharma who brings with him more than 15 years experience in the management of various spine disorders. Having been trained at the best spine surgery institutes around the world and having performed more than 15000 spine surgeries over the past 10 years, Dr Sharma is one of the best spine surgeon in Thane and Mumbai.