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Best Bone Cancer Treatment Hospital in Thane West

Bone cancer is one of the rarest forms of cancer that make up only 1 per cent of all cancers. According to various studies, non-cancerous bone tumours are more common when compared to cancerous tumours. Bone cancer affects any bone in the body. However, it is known to commonly affect the long bones present in the arms and legs as well as the pelvis.

Now you can get the best treatment from bone cancer doctors in Thane at Pinnacle Orthocentre.

Bone Cancer Treatment

It is important to note that cancers that begin elsewhere in the human body and spread to the bone are not categorized as bone cancers. Bone cancer can be found in adults while some other types can affect children too.

Different treatment approaches are used to treat bone cancer that includes radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery.

If you or your loved one living in Thane is experiencing extreme bone pain and related problems, it is highly advised to seek the help of the best bone cancer treatment hospitals in Thane.

Pinnacle Orthocentre Hospital has a dedicated team of bone cancer surgeons who provide world-class treatment and care for bone tumours and cancer in Thane. Experienced professionals use advanced technology and the latest medical tools and surgical procedures to perform bone tumour surgery with a high success rate.

Besides highly advanced surgery options well supported by the latest engineering innovations and scientific studies, Pinnacle Orthocentre promises to provide personalized attention to each patient.

In addition, counselling services are offered to help patients emotionally and contribute to the healing procedure.

This makes Pinnacle Orthocentre Hospital is one of the most trusted and best bone cancer treatment hospitals in Mumbai.

Structure of bone

Find more about bone tumours below.

Bone Anatomy

Bone Anatomy

Bone can be defined as the framework or structure that supports the human body. Bones begin to develop in the form of soft tissues called cartilage. This cartilage when receiving calcium from cells forms bones. Thereafter, cartilage plays the role of cushioning between bone surfaces. A joint is then formed by converging tissues, cartilage and ligaments. Two types of cells are found in bone that help in the formation of new bone and dissolve the old bone.

Bone cancer is caused when the cells in the bone begin to grow without control.

Bone Tumour/Cancer Types

Best hospitals in Thane for bone cancer treatment receive a wide range of cases with different tumour types. This includes:

Benign Bone Tumour

Benign bone tumours are non-cancerous and are diagnosed as bone cysts. Other examples of benign bone tumours include giant cell tumours, aneurismal bone cysts, osteochondroma, fibrous dysplasia and more.

Malignant Bone Tumour

These are the cancerous bone tumour types that cause bone cancer.

Primary bone cancers start in the bone itself and are also referred to as bone sarcomas. Some of the common types of bone cancer are listed below.

1- Osteosarcoma

2- Ewing Sarcoma

3- Chondrosarcoma

4- Undifferentiated Pleomorphic Sarcoma

5- Fibrosarcoma

6- Chordoma

Soft Tissue Tumour

These tumours develop from soft connective tissue that connects, supports and surrounds different structures of the body besides the bone. Some examples are:

1- Rhabdomyosarcoma

2- Liposarcoma

3- Fibrosarcoma

Bone Metastases

As discussed before some cancer types begin at a different part of the human body and spread to bones. They are called bone metastases. Some common examples include:

1- Breast Cancer

2- Kidney Cancer

3- Prostate Cancer

Pinnacle Orthocentre has the best doctors for bone tumour treatment in Thane. For details about the medical doctors, treatment approaches and appointments, contact us today.

Bone Cancer Causes

Medical experts are regularly researching to ascertain the causes of bone tumours. But there is no sufficient evidence yet to support any specific factor that causes cancers in general. However, some risk factors have been identified such as exposure to radiation and medicines for other cancer treatments.

Heredity is also cited as a cause of bone tumours and bone cancer. Scientists from across the globe are making progress in understanding genetic changes but they are not completely understood as of today.

Bone Cancer Symptoms

Symptoms of bone cancer may vary depending on the severity of the condition, the bone affected and the type.

Some of the common symptoms of bone cancer include:


Pain in the location of the bone tumour is a common symptom of bone cancer. Initially, the pain would be very less but would feel worse during the night or when the body part is used. Over some time, pain may become constant and may be worse with physical activity.

Swelling or Lump

Some bone tumours can cause swelling or lumps in the body. The affected area may become painful over time.

Bone Fractures

Although bone cancer can weaken the bones affected it does not cause bone fracture.

Other Symptoms

(A) – Fever

(B) – Fatigue

(C)- Weight Loss

If you notice any of the symptoms discussed, consult doctors for bone cancer in Thane West immediately at Pinnacle Orthocentre Hospital.

Bone Tumour Diagnosis

Bone cancer doctors in Thane west will, first of all, understand the existing symptoms. The second step will involve checking your complete medical history along with the physical examination of your affected area or bone.

Imaging tests such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans will be recommended to further investigate the case and get detailed information about the condition of the bone tumour. PET scans and bone scans are suggested to diagnose cancer cells. In addition, blood tests will be advised to rule out other possible conditions.

Bone Tumour Treatment in Thane

Surgery is often the main option for treating most cases of benign bone tumours. A simple excision or curettage may be required for some bone tumour types whereas minimally invasive techniques are believed to be more useful for other types.

For malignant/cancerous bone tumours, limb salvage or limb ablation surgery may be done. Other surgery techniques used at Pinnacle Orthocentre Hospital include:

1- Mega-prosthesis reconstruction

2- Total bone replacement

3- Vascularised bone graft

4- Extra-corporeal bone irradiation

5- Rotation-plasty & more

Get the best bone cancer treatment in Thane West at Pinnacle Orthocentre. For more information, contact us today!

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