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How to Prevent Chronic Sports Injuries

India is growing leaps and bounds as a sporting nation. There’s an increased interest in sports. Children are gaining exposure, and youngsters are getting opportunities in different types of sports besides cricket.

It is important to know in this context that sportspersons are susceptible to injuries. From the cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar to global football star Messi and Ronaldo, every athlete had their fair share of injuries.

If you are an active sportsperson, there are specific preventive measures you can take to prevent chronic sports injury. This blog aims to provide you with the best expert tips. However, in case you want in-depth knowledge, consult specialists in sports injuries. Pinnacle Orthocentre is one of the leading and best hospitals with an efficient team of sports injury specialists in Thane. For more details, contact us at any time.

Before delving into the prevention aspect of sports injuries, we will briefly touch upon the basics such as common sports injuries, causes, types and much more.

Types of Sports Injuries

Sports injuries affect active people who train hard, exercise regularly and play different kinds of sports. It impacts the musculoskeletal system comprising muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments and tissues.

Some of the common types of sports injuries include strains, sprains, fractures, dislocations, tendinitis and bursitis.

Common Sports Injuries

Sports injuries generally affect specific parts of the body, and joints are one among them. Joints are critical for stability and flexibility and are often impacted by sports injuries.

Some of the common sports injuries in athletes affect the following body parts:







Common causes of sports injuries range from the sudden impactful force on the body, pre-existing conditions, wrong exercise and training techniques, repetitive motion and overuse of body parts with minor injuries.

Sports Injury Prevention Tips

Neuromuscular injury prevention programs recommend exercises to improve balance, boost strength and increase agility. Such initiatives help in reducing sports-related injuries drastically among young and professional athletes.

Other prevention tips are discussed in the next section.

How to Prevent Injuries in Sports?

Fitness Plan

Athletes always aim to maintain peak fitness. To achieve this objective, they often go beyond their physical limits, exert excess pressure and put unwanted stress and strain. It is important to develop a fitness regimen which enables you to manage your fitness goals without compromising health and causing injury.

Warm Ups

Warm-ups are an integral part of every athlete’s routine. It is often carried out to slowly and carefully transition the body from a normal to an active state. Moreover, such warm-up activities provide additional strength to the muscles to sustain any vigorous activity.


Rest is equally important, along with warm-ups and strenuous physical activities. It reduces the risk of sports injuries by a huge margin. The musculoskeletal system gets stressed from repeated motions. A rest day amidst sports-related activities provides rejuvenation to the body. Keeping the longevity and future in mind, rest is essential.

Understand your Body

Every athlete wants to achieve the unachievable. And therefore, they cross boundaries to reach their goal. However, it is important to know that some people are born with great fitness while others develop it. At the same time, there is a limit up to which one can push the body. Once it reaches that point, it is necessary to listen to the body and stop.

Right Technique

Every sport requires a specific practice regimen. Soccer demands stamina, while cricket requires arm strength in particular. However, many sports injuries are caused due to wrong techniques. Thus, stressing on right techniques, using the right gear and playing safe are some of the ways to prevent injuries.

Proper hydration is also one of the ways to prevent the body from fatigue and eventual injury possibilities.

Let’s look at common injuries associated with Cricket as an example since it is the most popular sport in the country.

Common Injuries in Cricket

Some of the common cricket injuries include:

1-Hamstring strain

2-Ankle sprain

3-Rotor cuff injury

4-Abdominal side strain

5-Back pain


7-Wrist injury


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