Dr Alpana Vaidya heads the Anaesthesia Department at Pinnacle Orthocentre Hospital. She has completed her Anaesthesia training from Topiwala Nair Medical College in 2005. She has been practicing for the past 15 years.

She has a special interest in REGIONAL ANAESTHESIA. She specializes in Ultrasound-Guided Nerve blocks. At Pinnacle Orthocentre we have a high-end GE Ultrasound Machine which helps her in giving precise upper and lower limb nerve blocks with great accuracy. She has been trained at the Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore under Dr. Balavenkat in Regional Anesthesia.

Regional Anesthesia is a great boon in geriatric patients who are at high risk for General Anesthesia. The orthopedic practice involves a lot of high-risk and geriatric patients with some of the other medical comorbidities making them unfit for General Anesthesia.

Dr Alpana also uses the Peripheral Nerve Stimulator machine for blocks and injection techniques. RegionalAnaesthesia has evolved from blind techniques or landmark-based techniques to the most advanced ultrasonography-guided technique. The advantage of USG guided blocks over the other techniques is that the blocks are precise, target specific and the volume of the drug required to achieve similar pain relief as compared to blind or Peripheral nerve Locator guided is less than half. Hence the margin of safety is much higher. Since USG guided blocks are given under vision the failure rate is less than 1%.

Because of the PCPNDT law in India and a huge investment in ultrasonography machines, the privilege of USG guided blocks can be experienced only in selected corporate hospitals at an additional cost. PinnacleOrthocentre being a dedicated Orthopaedic hospital, regional anesthesia and USG guided Blocks is the key in managing high-risk geriatric patients.

She also specializes in Difficult Airway management. At Pinnacle Orthocentre Hospital we have C MAC Video Laryngoscope from the house of Karl Storz the world leader in optics and scopes. The D blade that comes along with the machine can facilitate in intubation of the most difficult airways.

At Pinnacle Orthocentre Hospital we have very high-end Hospitech and DatexOhmeda Anesthesia Workstations with Desflurane Vapourisers and Ventilator which help in smooth induction, maintenance, and early recovery from the anesthesia.

For more information kindly visit the Anesthesia opd at Pinnacle Hospital, Best Orthopedic Hospital in Thane. DrAlpana can be also reached out on prior appointments for Preoperative evaluation from Monday to Saturday in case you have been advised of surgery by our Consultants.

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