Why Choose Pinnacle

It is our immense pleasure to share successful completion of oneyearservices at Pinnacle Orthocentre. That has connected us to more than 5000 patients in out patient department as well as over800 patients who have undergone for surgery in the hospital.
We thank each of you for trusting on us.
The dilemma of choosing a hospital for any illness for any family is really a stressful situation especially for someone who stays alone or recently shifted or who are less socially active because of many reasons.
The simple concept of Pinnacle Orthocentre- exclusive care of anything about bone, joint, muscle, nerves in any age group of patients, clears this dilemma for sure.
Today, when every single human being is under pressure of education, job, career, health, social security etc., getting an illness and that too orthopaedic problem can make him or her homebound or dependent on someone for reasonably long period. It can make the sufferer depressed.
In such scenario, we look for a hospital or center where we can get personal care and attention to solve the problem as quickly as possible to resume back work.
Pinnacle Orthocentre offers best quality services under one roof right from diagnosing and treating it. We offer consultation without much waiting for appointment, investigations like digital X-ray, Ultrasonography, 2D-Echo, laboratory investigations then treatment depending upon the need of the patient. Hospital has well equipped, state of the art operation theatres with supporting equipped surgical intensive care unit (ICU), very homely designed special rooms, air-conditioned multi-sharing rooms with proper maintenance of privacy of patients, qualified and trained doctors, staff, physiotherapists, administration department & pharmacy for hassle free stay during hospitalization.
Our hospital has consultants who are trained and practice exclusively in each sub-specialty of orthopaedic illness. It helps to offer tailor made or customized services for the patients. For E.g. Hand Surgeon for hand problems, Joint Replacement Surgeon for knee or hip problems or Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon for children’s orthopaedic problems, Spine Surgeon for spine, back or neck problems.
Pinnacle Orthocentre is also involved in various academic or educational activities to train other surgeons or hospital staff by conducting short courses that is a need of society to make better quality of hospital staff.