Corporate Social Responsibility

Injuries and bone problems come in various sizes and types irrespective of the socio-economic strata of the person

For people whom money is not the issue, multiple and best treatment options are available not only in India but across the world but for people whose pockets are not deep, such situation can completely devastate their life especially if the injury has been sustained by the sole bread-earner of the family.

For these patients the treatment option is available only in public hospitals where the either the experts are not available or the work load is so high that the surgeries are sub-optimal. Multispeciality Hospitals are beyond the budget of these patients

Considering this scenario of the society, Pinnacle Orthocentre extends its helping hand to such people in the form of “SUMATI CHARITABLE FOUNDATION”, a trust which aims to provide orthopaedic solutions to each and every one of the society who is willing to help themselves and stand proudly on their own feet.

It is very common to co-relate trust with free services but free services have no value. Hence, Sumati Charitable Foundation has certain rules and criteria on the basis of which the patient and his family would be evaluated and the trustees are very particular in abiding by these rules. Pinnacle orthocentre in synergy with Sumati Charitable foundation stand by the mission of the hospital to relieve each and every one of the society from pain and disability by offering compassionate and quality care.

"Donations to be drawn in the name of SUMATI CHARITABLE FOUNDATION. Donations are eligible for tax deductions under section 80G"